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Veena is vivacious, lively and intelligent. Her ability to connect with people to extract the heart of the matter is second to none.
My time with Veena has been invaluable.

W.T - London

I have known Veena for many years now and she has become a very good friend in my life now. Veena has been great at getting straight to the point - and she clearly points out when I start moving towards a downward negative thinking pattern. She reminds me of speaking, thinking and feeling positively. I tried her Freedom Meal Solution Program and I learnt the importance of eating carbs only once a day and the positive health effects of this. If you want to work with someone who is truthful and tells you how it is, Veena is great at this. She is totally trustworthy and confidential. I would recommend working with Veena - she can help you gain some major breakthroughs. Veena I really appreciate the much needed techniques and meditations to overcome my anxiety and negativity.

Towana Graham - London UK

Veena is an inspirational soul she touches the vital points in your life that really deepen your thoughts and make the most complicated things look so much clearer. Having the support of Veena while planning my wedding helped me see above and beyond any obstacle. Thank you Veena happily married now!!!

Mrs Tsuro - London

Hi, the first time I met Veena I knew that I could trust her and open my heart to her she is a great listener and has always been there for me, she has never let me down and I know that I have a friend for life x

R Robinson - UK

Veena Kaur Soor, what can one say? Once you meet her for the first time you instantly know she is an amazing person, with such an enormous heart and has entered your life with a purpose to make vast impact, as so many people have already come to realise and even experience.

On speaking to Veena for the first time, you can come to the conclusion within the first ten seconds that she is a highly intelligent individual coupled with much warmth that it is beyond the realms of the imagination. This has come from the hunger and thirst she has for life, which derives from her own experiences over the years’

Sochan Kukadia - UK

A dear friend

I was Veena's first client; I couldn’t thank her enough for all the positive changes that have come into my life. When I first turned to Veena I was in a low place and my confidence had been beaten out of me. Since working with Veena, I have learnt I am able to create the life I want, I have attracted into my life an amazing new home, and a relationship with the man of my dreams. I feel things are all falling into place for me and I can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am to her. Veena is a real rare diamond and I feel very blessed that our paths crossed at a time when I needed her most. Thank you Veena. XXXX


A coach also needs a coach. That's why I started working with
Veena. We are perfectly imperfect, but I do want to grow and change.

That's why I liked working with Veena. A woman with a strong character
and very down to earth and straight forward.

When I was building my business I often lacked clarity on certain issues.
Vina perfectly knew how to get me focussed again and keep on 
attracting what I want to attract in my life. Not everybody understands
the Law of Attraction. Veena perfectly does. 

I can highly recommend her and the results will speak for themselves.


I have really enjoyed working with Veena and more importantly I believe the work we have done together has guided me to make some very positive changes in my life.

Veena helps me view things from different perspectives and this has enabled me to gain greater clarity on certain things as well as view situations with a more positive outlook.

Veena has introduced me to various tools to help overcome certain obstacles and I have found these techniques helpful.
Working with Veena has improved my knowledge of the Law of Attraction and I truly believe following this daily I am able to steer my life in the direction I desire.

Veena is compassionate, inspiring and professional in her approach and I would not hesitate in recommending Veena to others.
I am also happy to talk to anyone that would like to learn more about my experience if they are considering working with Veena. 

SP - England

I have had the privilege of working with Veena for almost a year now and quite frankly don’t know what I would have done without her!
Veena’s knowledge and wisdom and the wonderful way she inspires you with her insight and processes, are fantastic. Over the course of our sessions together, she has really helped me to gain clarity and focus and provide me with the tools and processes that are making a tremendous difference in my life both personally and professionally.

Veena is such a warm and caring person, you really feel that she is there one hundred percent for you as her client. Her depth of knowledge and understanding as to how to harness the positive energy around us and how to use it to create a more fulfilling and rich life is truly amazing. I always feel uplifted and full of energy and purpose after speaking with her and am very grateful for all her support and guidance which means I can apply the knowledge and processes for myself.

My life truly is turning around and I fully appreciate that despite all my previous reading and understanding, having Veena to explain things more clearly and guide me has led me to actually take the positive action needed to really move myself forward.
I am delighted to recommend Veena and to guarantee that if you have the opportunity to work with her, you will quite simply be amazed at the positive difference this will make to your life and dreams.

Rebecca Miller - UK

My health has not been in a good place for a while, and after working with Veena, I realized that many of the limitations I was feeling, were actually created my own limiting beliefs.

Veena focused on teaching me how to allow more well-being into my life. I never realised that by choosing certain thoughts and positive words, you could feel so much better!

Veena introduced me to many guided meditations, were she would get me totally relaxed and comfortable. I just had to listen to her positive affirmations, and let them flow into my body. After a meditation, I felt so much better, pain I was feeling slipped away. It was unbelievable!

I learnt how to re-claim my natural state of health, which allowed me to become more allowing and have a more positive out-look towards my life.

Connecting with my perfectly-well future-self was eye-opening and offered me tremendous relief and belief that I could and will get better.

My energy levels increased and I really looked forward to our sessions together.

I’m in a much more comfortable place now – thanks to the work we did together.

Veena is very professional, and I felt so comfortable being open and honest with her. Veena is a great listener and the knowledge I gained whilst working with her was second to none.

She really is an Angel.
Thank You so much Veena

CP - England