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The Freedom Meal Solution

3.weight-lossWeight Loss & Weight Management Coaching Programme – 8 Weeks

***The Freedom Meal Solution -Soon to become available as a downloadable manual from this website – priced £35.*******

This is the first of my coaching programmes that you can work through on your own, over 8 weeks. Once you make the purchase, a downloadable manual will be sent to you with many bonuses including;

1. Step-by-step videos from World-Class-Celebrity Personal Fitness Instructor – Lauretta Curtis, who will show you the correct way to perform simple body weight exercises. The best form of exercise ever created for our bodies.

2. A ‘Revealing-the-Untold-Secrets-for-Fatloss & Benefits-of-Reducing-Insulin-Production in our bodies’ audio interview with Top Nutritional Expert & Life Coach – James Bargeron.

3. An ‘Exclusive’ audio interview with Pieter – The Sugar Shift Coach, who successfully reversed his diabetes by changing the way he eats. He now does not need any medication at all and is healthy and fit. He reveals his secrets! Totally life changing info, that goes hand in hand with The Freedom Meal Solution.

4. And an Exclusive Bonus that you will be amazed by, when you find out who has created it for you!!!

The programme will introduce an exclusively new way to eat and to loose weight without ever having to stop eating all your favourite foods and drinks – Yes even alcohol!!, Which I knew in my heart existed. A way to eat which helps you to reduce the levels of Insulin released in your body and helps you to feel balanced, full of energy and in control of food cravings.

I have not stopped researching for this answer because I knew it existed and I have discovered it after years of unrelentless researching and experimenting. Predictably, the fat loss industry has kept this formula a secret from us for all these years!!!! Not so unbelievable and very very true!

Ever wondered how ‘A’list celebrities seem to stay in fantastic shape?……They know this secret way of eating which allows them to be totally in control and able to enjoy all foods and drinks. And the weight loss industry leads us to believe that it’s all down to good genes!!!! They have been withholding this Top Secret Informationfrom us for far too long! And I have decided that I will reveal it instead!

All of us can eat our favourite foods in moderation everyday and still lose weight! Yes, I am talking about eating cakes, pastries, pizza and even ice cream to name a few of the favourites……….I’ll show you how……. I’m so excited!!!!!!!

The Freedom Meal Solution also introduces simple 15-minute body-weight exercise work-outs, which you will be able to do anywhere at any time and a positive to this is you do not need any exercise equipment.

All this and more for just £35! That is less than the amount you would pay for just one session with a personal trainer! Heck!! You wouldn’t even be able to work with our very own personal trainer – Lauretta Curtis for that amazing price! And she has recorded 18 step-by-step exercise demonstration videos for you!

I want to reach as many people as I can with this solution, because it means so much to me to be able to help YOU get over this weight loss nightmare once and for all. I feel so strongly about this.

It has always been said that a healthy weight loss plan consists of two elements; food habits and physical activity habits but in addition, you must have body chemistry knowledge. So, you will gain an understanding of how ‘The Insulin-Connection’ works in your body.

‘The Freedom Meal Solution Programme’ is a product of my weight loss struggles.  After over 16 years of trying to reach and maintain my ideal body weight, and after 16 years of researching and working with nutritionalists, personal trainers and with the added knowledge of my Law of Attraction life coaching skills, I have found a solution that works! And the best thing about ‘The Freedom Meal Solution Programme’ is that you do not have to cut out any food groups or any of your favorite foods EVER!!

You may have read through my biography, and so know that I worked in the show business industry and at around the age of 18, I can honestly say I started to feel the pressure to stay slim.

After giving birth to my daughter and going through a torrid divorce, I gained 4 stones, which is 56 pounds! At this point, I knew I had to find a solution that worked long term.  My body chemistry had changed, as my metabolism had slowed right down and also, I looked and felt much older than my real age.

I have always loved eating wonderful foods and I struggled with all diet plans that dictated certain food groups had to be cut out. I couldn’t allow myself to accept that I had to cut out foods that I loved to eat. Period!! I knew there was a way to achieve a balance in your diet so you could eat your favourite foods moderately and still loose the excess weight. I knew in my heart that a long-term sustainable solution had to exist!

The conviction to find a new solution as a life-long approach as opposed to trying yet another diet plan already available out there was born!

‘The Freedom Meal Solution’ is the answer that all food lovers who wish to eat well, drink alcohol and still loose weight have been waiting for.

I will show you the way to get organized so you can control the level of insulin released in your body, so you can start to loose excess weight easily.

Scientific Part

Fact is, due to years of consuming a diet full of processed carbohydrates and sugars, most people have grown quite insensitive to one of the most important hormones in their bodies – a hormone that can either be a huge asset to your body transformation goals, or a total fat-loss and health-derailing nightmare.  
The name of this hormone is Insulin.
And insulin’s function is to help your body keep blood sugar at bay, clear it quickly from your bloodstream after a carbohydrate meal, and shuttle that blood sugar to muscle tissue for energy instead of into fat cells, where it gets stored as fat (driving up your weight).

More Information will be available for this programme soon….

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