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8.DivorceGet Through Divorce Coaching Programme

Divorce is one of the most stressful times that anyone can go through.  Unstable emotions and the loneliness can tear a person apart and be very tormenting.

With this in mind, do not let the stress cause any more anxiety and panic then need be, let us work together and remain strong and empowered.

In this programme, you will be taught to cope with all possible emotions that may arise. I shall listen; where necessary ask you powerful questions, which will aid to identify what you really want and how you really want to feel. We can discover all or most contributing factors and therefore find a source of resolution. You will learn to identify what the best outcome will be.

You can express all your fears and worries and together, I will coach you to release them, one by one.

Together we can work towards you becoming clearer about what the new chapter in your life will look like.

  • How do you want things to work out?
  • What do you need to have in place?
  • What will make you feel secure?
  • How will you handle your finances? Let’s discuss this step by step.
  • What will you do to nourish and look after yourself, so you can stay strong?

Reading through my biography – My Story, you will be aware that I went through a bitter divorce myself, when my daughter was only 2 years old. It was daunting with my daughter being so young. I had to relocate back to the UK from the USA where I had been living my married life. I had put on so much weight, and I felt totally ugly, hopeless and overwhelmed.

I had to start all over again by; finding a new place to live, getting a job, paying all the bills and the rent – it was tough! I’ve never felt as alone in my whole life as I did whilst I was going through this difficult time. The fact that my daughter was going through the ‘terrible two’s’ added to the strain.

Looking back, I wish I had found a person to guide me through such an emotionally challenging time. This was the worst type of emotional pain I’ve ever felt in my life. It was just too much! Hoping that lawyers and family members would fully understand what I was going through was naive on my part.

Becoming isolated and at times slightly paranoid, I felt ashamed and such a failure. The pain was immense and all I wanted to do was numb the pain. But I knew there was no turning back and getting a divorce was the best option for me, given the circumstances. I had to stay strong.

Through this coaching programme, as you learn about the Universal Laws and how to become a Deliberate Creator and with my support, you will:

Gain a new brighter perspective on life.

Realize that you do not have to carry all the burdens on your own shoulders.

Fully appreciate the power you have and be proud of the actions you have taken. It’s not easy – but it can be a great deal easier knowing we can talk things through and you can be open and honest about how you are feeling, being able to fully express what your fears and frustrations are.

If there are children involved it is very important that you become fully aware of how they may be feeling.

You will learn to find the energy to give your children all the love and reassurance they need at this difficult time.

You will learn how to find comfort and well-being for yourself, which will aid in nourishing you as you give comfort and reassurance to your child.

You will learn how to maintain a strong bond with your child. You will learn how to avoid taking any of your frustrations out on your child.

You will become a lighthouse – guiding those who need to be guided to a happier place.

I will then help you figure out how you to wish to move on into the next chapter in your life. Remember I won’t tell you what you have to do but through asking powerful questions, you will find the answers to those difficult decisions you never thought you would have to make and you will undertake them diligently.

Visualizations and Meditations will help soothe your energies and emotions and help you to stay strong. Don’t go through this alone. I can offer you the support that you need at this time.

  • I offer a professional service; therefore everything that we discuss is 100% confidential.
  • All coaching calls will be scheduled on a weekly basis, OR at a suitable time for both of us.
  • All coaching calls will last approx 60 to 90 minutes.
  • We can talk via telephone, Skype or Whattsapp Calls
  • I will keep in contact with you during the week via emails. I am also contactable via whatsapp at any time.