Peak Performance

10c.Public SpeakerPeak Performance Coaching Package.

  • Presentation Skills,
  • Interview Skills,
  • Public Speaking Skills.

Learn how to step into your ‘peak performance mind-set’ before your important date/event.

  • Do you have a very important job interview coming up, which you feel you need some help to get prepared for?
  • Do you have a big presentation to give, and you want it to be one of the best presentations you have ever made?
  • Do you have a public speaking engagement coming up, which you want to create a massive impact with?
  • Learn to use your body language to your advantage and have the confidence and appeal to succeed. Be Great, Feel Great, And Perform Great.
  • Get the Job done well and be remembered for it.

I was once a professional recording artist for 6 years. I was a member of a successful girl group called ‘Freedom Angel’ and I performed on stages, globally.

10a.PresentationI then went on to perform, as a solo artist with eight backing dancers!

I was signed to a two year intensive development recording deal, with a record and management company, in London. In those two years I learnt everything there is to know about giving a great performance.

  • I worked with some of the best choreographers on dance routines, at the infamous Pineapple Studio in London, where I learnt how to use my body to communicate and get my message across to the audience.
  • I worked with Grammy Award Winning Music Producers, in some of the best recording studios in London. This experience taught me how to stay laser-focused and to present my voice and words to the best of my ability, to get my message across.
  • I learnt how to harness the power of my voice from some of the most talented vocal coaches and singers in the world.
  • I was also a Live Television Presenter for some time, which taught me how to perform well under immense pressure.

I am very passionate about Performance and Presentation and I have been able to fine tune my skills in all areas of Interviewing, presenting and public speaking. The skills I have obtained from my time working in the entertainments industry are just as relevant in a professional office working environment, in fact more so as you can learn how to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and ‘tap into your own uniqueness’, which is so important in an ever increasing competitive environment.

10b.InterviewThe training I have received from my life coaching experiences enables me to introduce powerful processes, visualisation techniques and tools which can help you receive the clarity you need to get your message across clearly and concisely. This is such invaluable knowledge and experience that I have obtained, which could be immensely beneficial to you.

This is a tailor-made coaching programme, to meet your requirements and the fee for the services can be calculated following an initial consultation charged at USD 100.

I offer a professional service; therefore everything that we discuss is 100% confidential.

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