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Good Relationships

5.RelationshipsRelationship Coaching Programme 

Re-kindle that all important relationship. Manifest your ideal relationship.

Together we can find out what kind of relationship you would like to have in your ideal world. You have all the power within you to make this a reality. Nothing is stopping you apart from the limitations you place on yourself, so let us shift these limitations and lower the resistance.

Understand how you really want to feel in your relationship.

Understand what you want to gain from the relationship – be it a lover, family member, a friend or co-worker.


You may have been avoiding someone or limiting your contact with someone, yet you really wish you didn’t have to be in that position. Maybe all you need is some guidance and support so you can slowly work towards mending the relationship and allowing a place in your life for a wonderful relationship to blossom.

Perhaps you may have had a big argument with a parent, and you really want to re-kindle the relationship but you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you have moved forward in your life now and have so much to share with them, yet feel paralyzed as your relationship is not in a harmonious place at the moment and many past resentments remain.

Each week we will discuss how you are feeling and what your frustrations are. It is important to identify where you are presently to gain a clearer picture of where you want to go.

I will ask you powerful questions – all the answers you need are already within you – I will guide you so your truth can come to the surface.

I will help you become more empathic, so you can really get a sense for what the other person in the relationship may be feeling. This will also help you to lower your resistance.

You will learn Visualization Techniques, which will help you become better prepared for all upcoming communication.

You will learn Relaxation Techniques, which will help you relieve your stress levels and soothe your emotions.

I will teach you many processes you can use to help you find clarity.

I am here to listen and to assist you, so you can find your inner truth. You will find the inner strength to make this relationship whole again.

  • I offer a professional service; therefore everything that we discuss is 100% confidential.
  • All coaching calls will be scheduled on a weekly basis, OR at a suitable time for both of us.
  • All coaching calls will last approx 60 to 90 minutes.
  • We can talk via telephone, Skype or Whattsapp Call
  • I will keep in contact with you during the week via emails. I am also contactable via Whattsapp at any time.