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  11a.Stressed BrideBride-To-Be Coaching Programme

It’s your final week leading up to the most important day of your life and you want everything to be just right!

So many brides look back on their special wedding day and remember it as a blur! As it all goes by so quickly, their nerves getting the better of them, and so many pre-planned expectations getting blown aside, their special moments fly by without really being captured and embedded into yourself.

Every bride wants their special day to be perfect – but many are not equipped mentally, emotionally or spiritually, to really take in and enjoy any of these precious moments. Paying too much attention and focus on what their guests will think and how everything will look.

It is important to feel that no stone has been left unturned and that everything is under control, but what about the really important stuff?


  • Being fully present in the ‘NOW’ moment.
  • Connecting on a deep level with your family members and your friends.
  • Feeling joy as you get prepared as opposed to feeling nervous, overwhelmed and stressed.
  • Feeling confident, beautiful and prepared to shine.
  • Connecting with your fiancé the moment you see him for the first time on your wedding day – so the feeling is so intense you will never be able to forget it!
  • Feeling relaxed around your guests.
  • Not worrying about the smaller details.
  • Feeling confident that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.
  • Reacting to everything with joy and happiness – the list can go on and on!

11b Happy BrideDuring the coaching programme:

I will teach you how to be fully present to take in all the abundance of your big day.

With the work we do together, not only will you pre-pave the moments leading up to the wedding, you will also be participating in Guided Visualizations, which will help you explore all the emotions you WANT to feel.

You will walk through your big day in advance through future vizualization,  so you are completely comfortable and not nervous, but buzzing with excitement and sweet anticipation to accept all the highs and amazing love flowing all around.

You will be oozing confidence and calmness. I will assist you in all areas of your body language, so you know exactly how to hold yourself well, pose for all those memorable pictures and how to bring out your best for the wedding video. Knowing how to use your body well, gives you the advantage of increased confidence and your energy levels will sky-rocket as a result.

This is a tailor-made coaching programme, to meet your requirements and the fee for the services can be calculated following the first consultation charged at USD 100.

*Following an initial consultation, to fully understand your need, if necessary we can take a weekend excursion to a relaxing destination away for the hustle and bustle, to carve out the strategy that you require to get the maximum out of your day! This initial consultation MUST be completed well in advance to the wedding date. Alternatively, I can be on site a few days prior to your wedding to help you through this amazing yet stressful time – by helping you feel relaxed, totally stress-free and under control.

I am able to assist you at your wedding where ever it is in the world to give you the necessary support, as your exclusively personal LOA Lifestyle Designer/Coach

  • Your stress levels will be reduced significantly as you gain a brighter perspective on just what is the most important to you over these days.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the small details, but with my help we will be able to discuss all your concerns and fears and work through them one by one well in advance of the big day.
  • All areas that need to be addressed will be addressed. We will make sure you feel totally comfortable, and all your requests have be heard and understood, so they can be delivered just that way you want them to be.
  • I will be your support over the few days and get you prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the biggest day of your life.

All dates will need to be at hand during the initial consultation, so all arrangements for my availability can be made.

This package is exclusively tailor-made to your requirements and to your needs.

BrideWe can explore:

  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Future Visualization Techniques
  • Guided Meditations to help find your centre and get you aligned with your Souls Highest Purpose.
  • We can work on getting your Inner Dialogue and your Self-Love to the best it has ever been.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of what you really desire, how you intend to enter this new chapter in your life, what your fiancé really means to you and any other areas we wish to explore.
  • We can work on your wedding vows, and even look at the essence of what you want to say to your fiancé on your special day, so you are prepared and don’t forget or leave anything out.

We will aim to spend 1 to 2 hours daily, at a time which is most convenient for you. I will make myself available on site, so I’m accessible at all times.

It goes without saying that after the amazing work we do together and the bond we create with one another – it would be my pleasure to build bonds with your family, friends and guests and be present on your special day.

I offer a professional service; therefore everything that we discuss is 100% confidential.