Coaching Programmes

0.Coaching Programmes PICThe Coaching Programmes I tailor make specifically for each of my clients are founded on the 8 Essential Universal Laws, the most powerful being The Law of Attraction.

Ask the Universe and you will receive!

Better understanding of these Laws will provide a massive inner-shift which will change your perspective on issues you may be having difficulty with. Your first of many ‘A-Ha’ moments, which will be intensely UP-LIFTING!!

Learning this knowledge will merely feel like you are – RE-MEMBERING your truth – A premonition  that you already knew this knowledge, but just couldn’t find the right words to express it!


The 8 Universal Laws are;

  1. The Law of Attraction
  2. The Law of Deliberate Creation
  3. The Law of Allowing
  4. The Law of Sufficiency & Abundance
  5. The Law of Pure Potentiality
  6. The Law of Detachment
  7. The Law of Polarity
  8. The Law of Reflection

I am currently offering a FREE 45 MINUTE, LAZOR – FOCUSED, COACHING CALL.  I can connect with you via Facetime or Skype, or I can call you on your mobile or landline(if you are in the UK).

If you would like to connect with me in person on a FREE 45 MINUTE COACHING CALL – Please leave me your full name and email address on my contact page and i’ll be in touch 🙂

Coaching Programmes:

  1. Introduction to the 8 Universal Laws Coaching Programme-12 weeks.
  2. Manifest your Soul Mate/Dream Career/Dream Life Coaching Programme-12 weeks.
  3. Fat Loss & Fat Management Coaching Programme-10 weeks.
  4. Release Bad Habits Coaching Programme – 12 Weeks
  5. Regain Loving Relationship Coaching Programme – 12 weeks
  6. Relight Your Self Love & Self–Empowerment Coaching Programme – 12 weeks
  7. Getting Through Bereavement Coaching Programme – 12 weeks
  8. Get Through Divorce Coaching Programme – 12 weeks
  9. Powerful Parenting Coaching Programme – 12 weeks

Special Programmes:

  1. Peak Performance Coaching Package-Presentation Skills/Interview Skills/Public Speaking Skills
  2. Bride-to-be Package