Success Mindset Coach - specialising in The Divine Laws

WELCOME – Veena AmenRa – Divine Laws Life Coach

Veena AmenRa is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) Certified, SUCCESS MINDSET COACH. She set up her coaching practice in 2011.

In her practice Veena addresses the whole Person-Mind-Body and Spirit to empower her clients to lead more fulfilled, balanced and abundant life.

Understanding the Divine Laws which are described to us in the Holy Books and understanding the way God has created this world and how we are designed to live, is the leverage that everyone needs to propel their lives into the purpose they were born to fulfil

You are a creator of your own reality and if you KNOW the rules of the game of life, you have the potential to live a life full of abundance in every area! Our realities all start with our thoughts and emotions – We are always transmitting vibrations out into the Universe. What we think about and feel, we attract into our lives- whether it’s the lack or abundance of something. The Divine Laws, are always working – but if you don’t know about them, how to work with them and use them – then you create your life by default!

Veena guides her clients to know the Power-With-In, and their connection to the Universal Energy Laws, by using simple yet amazing Divine Law processes as well as Light-Body Meditation Techniques and Future- Visioning Techniques. This ultimately leads to becoming more magnetic towards attracting people, circumstances and opportunities for their dream life to manifest into reality, resulting in fulfillment of life that one only dreams of. Invariably this aids in increased well-being and most importantly being able to take control of emotions and giving back the power to create and live in Joy!

If we can learn how to become Deliberate Creators – then we can learn to be fully in control of our thoughts and emotions- and start to fulfill our goals in life. Of course this is just the tip of the Iceberg! We have been taught to use only a small percentage of our minds powers!!

Veena’s aim in her practice is to assist her clients to gain more clarity about their desires, soothe their emotions and relieve their pre-conditioned resistance to success and abundance.

I have known Veena for many years now and she has become a very good friend in my life now. Veena has been great at getting straight to the point – and she clearly points out when I start moving towards a downward negative thinking pattern. She reminds me of speaking, thinking and feeling positively. I tried her Freedom Meal Solution Program and I learnt the importance of eating carbs only once a day and the positive health effects of this. If you want to work with someone who is truthful and tells you how it is, Veena is great at this. She is totally trustworthy and confidential. I would recommend working with Veena – she can help you gain some major breakthroughs. Veena I really appreciate the much needed techniques and meditations to overcome my anxiety and negativity.

Towana Graham

Veena is vivacious, lively and intelligent. Her ability to connect with people to extract the heart of the matter is second to none. My time with Veena has been invaluable.

W.T - London